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Air Filters Delivered

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Liquidation Sale

Without Evidence Florida Department of Agriculture declares that this Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, a State of Florida corporation since 1994, bought a certified existing Greenbelt Aqua Farm only to begin violating the laws of Florida YET cannot produce any EVIDENCE!  Governor Scott, Commissioner Putnam, Director of Aquaculture Knickerbocker, Inspector General Sears, Counsel for the Florida Department of Agriculture Hall & Costigan ALL concur.
  so as to conceal the rights violations committed by REPUBLICAN DISTRICT DeSOTO COUNTY, ALL of the above have conspired to conceal the truth.  A Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice violates the Constitution of the United States and Your Bill of Rights.

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Pre Fabricated Transportable safe room business SALE
Opportunity Knocks
Department of Defense certified, Miami Dade County Florida certified, GSA Schedule Bunker, meets FEMA 320 specs for safe rooms
Established web sites with over 500,000 hits paid until 2018
www.safedomes.com, safedomes.org, safedomes.net
Delivery of 2 SafeDomes and 1 Gazebo for immediate display and sale
Sealed Engineered Plans 
Personalized instruction and tutoring until qualified to construct on own
Availability to sell to the United States Government and State Agencies
Once you put value to the certifications cited and already in place plus the immediate ability to offer your goods to ALL sectors of the Federal Government then this cost and the opportunity to market a Transportable storage shed to the public that can save lives does not seem that big.  If you have read my story you will understand why my company has little profit loss records to provide only
common sense 


Within 50 miles of a purchased unit delivery will be included provided there is easy access for off loading.

Make excellent shooting range enclosures, Garage for your precious cycle or cart, do you need a spray paint booth or a secure cabin?

Transportable 8 TONS of security
Transportable 8 TON dome will fit anywhere.
Transportable 8 TON dome will fit anywhere

CloseOut Remaining SafeDomes
SouthWest Ranches / Fort Lauderdale 

Above Ground safe room business sale.  The SafeDome is a 10 foot in diameter 8.5 feet high 8 ton monolithic concrete transportable storage shed used everyday to store your lawnmower, golf cart, extra bedroom but when needed can save your life.  Engineered to 160 continuous mph winds & capable of withstanding much more due to its shape and design.

Only weeks after purchasing the first SafeDome built in the Davie Plant the eye of Wilma went down the Burton's street

TESTIMONY I Withstood the eye of Wilma in my SAFEDOME

No longer will DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie be constructing and I am selling the saferoom business.  Want a business that can save lives? Build sheds that can withstand tornados & hurricanes.
 I will now concentrate on underwater phodeos.
Everything Goes                         Let's Make a Deal 
Florida Vacant Land, Fish / Alligator Farm
 Email me              h2oideas@aol.com
954 370 7944  Leave Message
 visit www.lunarcon.com
for goods Above & Below the Water at
Above&Below H2O Inc.


 Goods for Above and Below the Water   Above & Below H2O with Pink Fin


Go to Above & Below H2O

Miami Dade County, Florida approved
Located at the TNT training facility Everglades Florida 

Jungle Dome located in Southwest Ranches

Decorate your Dome
"Sea scene SafeDome Shelter Delivery"
Sea Scene paint on Safedome

 5 Ton Gazebos    

954 370 7944  

Underwater so Please leave a message Email is BEST

"5 ton GAZEBO being put on trailer for transport"