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Thin Shell Monolithic Concrete Homes
Conventional square thin shell homes can be engineered to be framed with steel rebar
to create flat walls and pitched roofs then 
encapsulated in six inches of concrete from roof to foundation.
Building and financing 24 foot wide X 60 feet long concrete homes Pre Construction Prices.
As low as $15,000 down $1,000 a month for 10 years you can own a home in the Port Charlotte area of Florida.
what you get for your money
 First, deed to a single vacant lot in Florida single lots are typically 80X160.   Double lots $25,000
Depending on lot will dictate price.  You now have the option to design your home and save thousands by buying at pre construction sale prices
 indestructible homes

Currently testing and verifying information on high psi structural foam.  Resources tell me that this material can reach a psi of 7000 or more!  The engineered plans for a thin shell concrete home require 5,000 psi.  Unless somebody can tell me why this material cannot be used in lieu of concrete I will use structural foam with a cement finish.  Concrete cures in 21 days Foam cures in 1 minute. 

Once the concrete shell is completed closed cell foam will encapsulate the entire exterior.
This process insulates, waterproofs and creates a vapor barrier, all in a single application.




  For Sale two transportable concrete  buildings 12X20 with 2 compartments 10X12 double steel doors  Delivery incluMAKE OFFER ONE OR BOTH    4/11/2017


8 ton transportable monolithic concrete dome capable of withstanding 200 mph winds or more due to its shape and design. 
Mr Rory Burton,  West Palm Beach Florida,  has now rode out two hurricanes in his safedome.  In his neighborhood there are five safedomes.   
Where will you go when the wind blows? 


Within 50 miles of a purchased unit delivery will be included provided there is easy access for off loading.

  The SafeDome is a 10 foot in diameter 8.5 feet high 8 ton monolithic concrete transportable storage shed used everyday to store your lawnmower, golf cart, extra bedroom but when needed can save your life.
 Engineered to 160 continuous mph winds & capable of withstanding much more due to its shape and design.

"5 ton GAZEBO being put on trailer for transport"
Great BarBQ huts Fire Proof